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2 – 3 Years

The children are encouraged and supported to learn how to socialise and establish positive relationships with both adults and children. The children develop confidence and independence while learning how to play and share. BEST Nurseries works within the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014). We observe a minimum supervision ratio of 1 adult to 4 children.

Children can attend while still in nappies and pull-ups! Parents/carers need to provide a named bag containing nappies, wipes and a change of clothes. During this year of a child’s life many are beginning to ‘potty’ or ‘toilet’ train. We endeavour to reflect the same routine, expectations and responses to this situation as the child experiences within the home environment and work closely with parents to ensure that this is achieved without fostering any confusion for the child.

As well as dealing with the challenge of toilet training two year olds can experience a great deal of frustration while not having the means to communicate their feelings and opinions which leads to the ‘Terrible Two’s’. The staff have a profound knowledge of this issue and years of experience of handling the problems and tension that can ensue. They help the children understand their feelings and help them to communicate their needs. Staff work closely with parents and offer support and advice.