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3 – 5 years

From 3 years the emphasis is on both learning through play and structured activities; the nursery offers a full curriculum, both inside and outside, which allows the children choices, these include;

  • Sand and water
  • Painting and Gluing
  • Modelling (clay and playdough)
  • Drawing and Pre-writing activities
  • Construction and jigsaws
  • Imaginative play and role play
  • Singing and musical instruments
  • Cooking/sewing
  • Computer skills
  • Ball games and small/large apparatus
  • Gardening
  • Movement and dance
  • Stories and ‘show and tell’

Each child is treated as an individual and is encouraged to develop at their own speed. Their ‘key person’ will keep records of achievements and set each child goals so they are able to progress through the ‘development matters’ to the next step in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

For the older children (4+) there is greater emphasis on independence and a packed pre-school programme, enabling children to practice mathematical and scientific concepts. Your child’s profile will be given to you to share with their next school, enabling that school to build on your child’s learning experiences at BEST Nursery.

Please note: BEST Nursery (Arlesey) works in partnership with Gothic Mede Academy who provide the teacher led Acorn Class for children from the age of 3 within the nursery building.