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4 months – 2 years

We have endeavored to create warm, calm and stimulating environments in our Baby Rooms. The provisions are of the highest quality with regard to both resources and, of course, the qualifications and experience of Baby Room staff. Supervision ratios in the Baby Rooms are met with a minimum ratio of 1 staff member to 3 children.

Included in the fees are breakfast, mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack, a cooked dinner at 12 noon and a high tea, although you are welcome to provide a packed lunch for your child if you so wish. (N.B. a small charge is made for hot dinners for children from their second birthday). Allergies and food intolerances can be catered for.

We are able to provide the following formula milks free of charge:

  • Cow and Gate Premium/ Plus
  • Farley’s 1st / 2nd
  • Hip Organic
  • Aptamil 1st/ Extra
  • SMA Gold/ White

Please inform the nursery when registering your child if you will require this service and which formula is required.

We are also able to provide nappies and wipes but there is no obligation on parents to opt for these services and you are very welcome to provide your own formula milk, food and nappies if you so wish.

Babies’ individual needs are catered for through the application of care plans, admission forms, parent assessment forms, key persons, many opportunities for

communication and information sharing such as daily contact and key person meetings, planning and evaluation, observations (written, photos), Records of Achievement,

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), Individual Educational Plans (IEP’s), and working with other professionals and agencies, policies and procedures such as

Behavioural and Equal Opportunities, health and safety records such as medicine and accident logs, allergy list, appropriate training of staff, correct staff ratios, listening and talking.

Please note: As children develop their own routines at home we endeavour to mirror those routines as closely as we possibly can as this can assist a child in feeling secure.