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BEST Nurseries

bedfordshire east schools trust nurseries limited

Vision and Ethos of BEST Nursery & Extended Services (Langford)

Our vision for BEST Nursery &Extended Services (Langford) is to be a local provider of high quality childcare provision, improving outcomes for children and contributing to a better society for the future. As a nursery we want to improve the outcomes for all children with a vision to break poverty cycles, promote inclusivity, and encourage community cohesion. Our vision is to develop and grow a central childcare provision hub which is able to deliver a range of services to local families. Our vision encompasses harmonious growth and development of communities, both immediate and extended, whereby differences are celebrated and prejudices challenged. We will deliver a welcoming and embracing service to all families and their children, providing the necessary support required to enable them to work and earn, and indeed to improve their very own outcomes. We envisage ourselves providing a valuable signposting service to our families and supporting them in challenging times.